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Does This Look Like The Face Of An Addison Man Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography


(Source) DuPage County Sheriff John E. Zaruba announced Friday that deputies have arrested an Addison man for possession of child pornography. Zaruba said Julian L. McElyea, 32, of the 100 block of School Street, was charged with six felony counts.


Umm yes, yes it does. Like a million times yes. Like if you let this guy near a computer or a school or a playground to begin with you have made a CRITICAL error in judgement. You know the old saying “Don’t Judge a Book by its cover”. Well that saying fucking sucks. I always judge books by their cover. Always. Just like I judge people by their face. What else are you supposed to do? Judge them by the content of their character only to find out that content is full of child pornography? No thanks.
Hey Brother