Max Talbot Gets Horseshit Two Game Suspension For Aggressive Interference

Two games seems way over the top here for a guy with no history with the league or a reputation for dirty shit. The hit was definitely late and should’ve been called a minor for interference (Tlusty also needs to not eye his pass like a construction worker ogling a hot broad). But how the hell can you say “it was interference, Tlusty was fine, and Talbot has a clean record—two games”? Makes no sense. Especially when you can spear a guy in the nuts (which can be really fucking dangerous), get a $5K fine, and call it the best money you ever spent (essentially mocking the DOPS).

This also could have been one of those ‘best served cold’ things that a guy was just waiting on to pick his spot (though off the top of my head I don’t know of any bad history with these two but you never know). Either way, two games is bullshit here.