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Dear Trader Danny: I Just Did Your Job For You, Here Are Some Trades You Should Make

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Danny Ainge has a tough job no doubt. Bring the NBA’s most prestigious franchise back to the glory days. Lots of pressure on him to use all these “assets” he has to obtain that white whale. Some could argue it’s impossible. They’d be wrong. See what Ainge has at his disposal is something that the 29 other owners don’t (Dear Other Owners: This can change), yours truly. Fortunately for Trader Danny, he has his own dedicated blogger to make all those tough decisions for him. Before we get into the fun, a couple of things to note:

1. ESPN Trade Machine doesn’t allow you to add picks (that I could find), so I’ll be adding them to each trade so things make a bit more sense

2. I broke these down into a couple of sections. Trades that make actual sense and they should really do, outrageous pipe dream ones, and finally, trades for each of the Barstool cities.

3. If you disagree with my proposals, run a couple of your own and we can chat about it on the Twitter machine,

So without further adieu, let’s meet your soon to be new look Boston Celtics.

Realistic Trade Scenario 1: 

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.50.03 PM

Boston Gets: Paul Pierce

Los Angeles Gets: Turner/2016 DAL 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: Isn’t it obvious? Maybe I’m still feeling nostalgic after KGs return to the Garden, but isn’t Pierce exactly what this team needs? Give him Turners minutes and most of our problems are solved. It’s time Pierce comes back and retires a Celtic. No brainer.

Realistic Trade Scenario 2: 



Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 5.41.44 PMBoston Gets: Boogie, McLemore, Plumlee

Sacramento Gets: Lee/ Smart/ Zellers/2016 Nets 1st/2016 Dallas 1st

Milwaukee Gets: Caron Butler/2016 Cleveland 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: Boogie obviously. I could give two shits about what people say about his attitude. Get me a 24 year old stud with 3 years left who can come into the environment Boston has, and I don’t see how they aren’t a match made in heaven. According to ESPN’s system this would give the Celtics 6 more wins, which at their current pace would result in 49 wins. Not too shabby.

Realistic Trade Scenario 3:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.59.15 AM

Boston Gets: Gorgui Dieng, Tyus Jones

Minnesota Gets: Zeller/Wood/2016 MN 1st/2017 2nd . This gives MN an expiring deal for a player who is currently blocked by Pekovic and KAT when healthy.

Philadelphia Gets: Andre Miller. Seems like a move Colangelo would make. Low money veteran to show some leadership. Also could buy him out and help him sign with a contender. Either way it makes them worse, which is what they want.

Why the Celtics should do this: A solid young center to take the Zeller/Lee minutes. With Rozier on the roster, you could probably try and move Jones to someone who needs a backup PG for like a second rd pick.

Realistic Trade Scenario 4:


Boston Gets: Rudy Gobert, Rodney Hood

Utah Gets: Zeller/James Young/ 2016 Nets 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: Another chance to get a young established big man on the cheap. Gobert is going to sign for BIG money, and if the Nets pick ends up being 6-8 range anyway, I think that’s good value for it. Not sure Utah would even consider this, but hey why not!

Realistic Trade Scenario 5:


Boston Gets: Al Horford, Shelvin Mack, Kent Bazemore

Atlanta Gets: Lee/Sully/Rozier/2016 Nets 1st/2016 DAL 1st/2016 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: First things first, you only make this move if Horford agrees to an extension. That’s a given. If that happens I love this move. Horford is a stud (as we just saw), Stevens gets reunited with his protege Mack, and Bazemore is solid who probably makes Evan Turner available which I don’t think anyone will argue against.

Pipe Dream Trade Scenario 1:


Celtics Get: Kevin Durant, Steven Adams

Oklahoma City Gets: Lee/Smart/Sully/Olynyk/Young/2016 Nets 1st/ 2016 MN 1st/ 2017 Nets 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: Obviously, no chance this happens. BUT, if it were consider Banner 18 a done deal. I would prefer to know he singed an extension, but I would probably risk it either way. Get him in here, WIN, and be able to offer him the most money. Why wouldn’t Durant want that? Haven’t we seen that Boston is a little more attractive than Washington (the favorite to land Durant)? Who cares if he is from DC, Wyc will give him his plane for whenever he wants.

Pipe Dream Trade Scenario 2:


Boston Gets: Russell Westbrook, Mitch McGary

Oklahoma City Gets: Lee/Smart/Mickey/2016 Nets 1st/ 2016 MN 1st/ 2017 Nets 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: Exactly like Durant, this is a stretch. At the same time, of the two, I feel like Westbrook is the one more likely to leave. OKC knows this, and maybe they would want to move him and get something GOOD back. Sort of like a do over for the Harden Trade. For the Celtics, it’s a no brainer. They need an alpha dog, and Westbrook is elite NBA talent. Paying a high price, and he is a hot head, but he would win here, and that cures everything.

Pipe Dream Trade Scenario 3:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.08.19 PM

Boston Gets: Andre Drummond, The Good Morris (I think?)

Detroit Gets: Randolph/Zeller/2016 Nets 1st/2016 DAL 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd

Memphis Gets: Olynyk/Mickey/2017 Nets 1st/2017 2nd/2018 MEM 1st

Why the Celtics should do this: There is absolutely no reason the Pistons make this deal, but that is why they call this a pipe dream. Drummond is about to get a monster extension and is worth every penny. He would be fantastic as the Celts man in the middle, but this one is maybe a little too far out there even for me.

Barstool City Trade: New York

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.23.48 PM

Boston Gets: Godzingis

New York Gets: Olynyk/Young/2016 Nets 1st/2016 MN 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd/2018 Net 1st

Why the Celtics should do this: Look there is only one thing on NY that is worth anything, and that is da god. In a trade that actually helps both sides this year, I would love this move for the Celts. The Knicks are going to ruin this kid and I consider this a way for the Celtics to save his career/NBA. Get him away from Dolan and into the other Garden and never look back.

Barstool City Trade: Philly 

Noel 2

Boston gets: Nerlens Noel, Tony Wroten

Philly Gets: Smart/Mickey/2016 Nets 1st/2017 2nd/2018 MEM 1st

Why the Celtics should do this: Philly has too many big men, and while it would hurt to give up Smart, I like Noel on this team. He seems like a guy that would flourish in Steven’s system, and he is a young buck, just 21. He’s a New England kid, so it would be great to see him thrive here.

Barstool City Trade: Chicago


Boston Gets: Derrick Rose, Bobby Portis

Chicago Gets: Lee/Smart/Turner/2016 Nets 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: Again not happening because Chicago is a contender, but an interesting debate. Wouldn’t Chicago do this? Especially since Rose has been shaky and they wouldn’t have to worry about resigning him? For the Celtics, it’s a roll of the dice on his health, but when healthy, he’s scary good. This also rids us of Evan Turner for the cherry on top.

Barstool City Trade: Washington

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.02.26 PM

Boston Gets: Marcin Gortat, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter Jr

Washington Gets: Lee/Bradley/Young/Mickey/2016 Nets 1st/2016 DAL 1st/2016 2nd/2017 2nd

Why the Celtics should do this: They clearly get the best player of the deal, and a potential number 1 option. Wizards will need space to lure KD, and while losing Beal might hurt them, this gives them the money to be able to handle it.


There you have it Danny, I hope this makes your life a bit easier. You will make the right decisions I’m sure, but feel free to bounce any ideas you may have off me. In fact, I’m sure you are probably devising some master blockbuster trade my brain can’t even comprehend. Either way, should be a fun time until the deadline.