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Chicago Stoolies - Looking For Last Minute Gifts, Download The FoxTrot App For Great Gift Packages Delivered To Your Door In Under An Hour

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If you’re like me you SUCK at giving gifts. Either I forget and panic or I get something the person doesn’t want and they never use it. Well now the game done changed. Who doesn’t love getting gourmet food and great booze? Download the Foxtrot app  HERE , and get a variety of gift packages delivered to your door in under an hour. Going to a holiday party and need to bring something? Don’t waste time driving around the city when Foxtrot can do the work for you. Forgot to get your Mom or Dad something? Get them a nice bottle of wine or whiskey and gourmet chocolates. There is nothing worse than shopping this week so let someone else do it for you and never leave your couch.




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-Download Foxtrot App HERE


-Get gift packages in under an hour


-Beer, Wine, Booze delivered directly to your door so you don’t have to drive anywhere.