If Dabbing Wasn't Dead Already, It's Now Made Its Way To The Hockey World

So the other week St. Louis Blues forward Ryan Reaves brought the dab to the hockey world. Only 2 months after Cam Newton brought it to the NFL and maybe a month after it was brutally massacred by the likes of local news anchors across the country and Paul Finebaum. I figured I’d give Ryan Reaves a pass on this one though and just hope that it was a one time thing. Unfortunately, however, he has now opened the floodgates for hockey players everywhere to hit the dab after scoring. For example, this junior hockey player who was brought to our attention by the good people over at BarDown.

Here we have Benjamin Brar of the Penticon Vees (a junior A team in British Columbia) hitting the dab and all of a sudden, the hockey world has become your drunk white aunt at the wedding this weekend who just found out about the whip and nae nae. So the dab has been dead for a while already but just in case there were any lingering doubts over the past few weeks, some little white kid in British Columbia hitting it during a hockey game is for sure that definitive nail in the coffin.

You guys hear about the dab? Dead. Murdered by hockey players.

In honor of hockey players killing the dab, here are some of the best hockey goal celebrations of all time.

Okay so this next one isn’t necessarily a goal celebration but whatever.