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Odell Beckham Jr. Is A Mental Midget

ODBAfter another last-second loss that put a big dent in the Giants playoff hopes, all everyone is talking about is the drama between Odell Beckham & Josh Norman. From a Giants fan’s perspective, I’ve seen a lot of people trying to excuse ODB for losing his shit all game long. How Josh Norman started it or how Josh Norman fought with Cam Newton this preseason & is no angel either. No shit – it obviously takes two to tango, but I don’t care about the reasons why it happened. All I want is for the ultra-talented, superstar receiver of my favorite football team to prove he’s unflappable. After yesterday’s display though, all he’s proven to me is that he’s a mental midget.
I’m not saying he’s gotta be unassuming like Eli. Wideouts have a history of being boisterous & I’ve got no problem with any athletes celebrating on the football field. But when things don’t go your way for whatever reason – whether you’re not playing your best, you’re losing battles or you don’t like the way someone’s defending you – you can’t just go straight into tantrum mode. He wasn’t standing up for himself. He’s not being tough. He’s putting a bullseye on his back & hurting his team.
Beckham’s brain was scattered even before any of the WWE stuff went down. He was caught up in all the head-to-head hype & lost before it started. The ONLY reason he missed a sure-fire 52-yard score that would’ve set a huge early tone is simple – because the moment was selfishly too big for him. Even though he’d just blown by this year’s top corner and needed to make the simplest of catches for his team to strike first, he choked. Then he taps his chest and apologizes to the crowd – how is that his focus?
Let’s be real – that’s not his first choke job either. For all the incredible ODB moments, he got a bit of a pass when he couldn’t hold onto late score that could’ve given the Giants a win against the Patriots. Coincidentally, that was another hyped up battle against another young corner that Beckham lost. For a team that may have needed just one more W to take the division, that’s a big deal. It’s also not the first time he’s been called dirty. The Bills went in on him a couple months ago for more “under the radar” crap. I defended him then simply because that stuff goes on all over the field – but yesterday’s antics were so over the top they washed away any doubt. If you’re THAT good, which he clearly is, why is it so hard to shake shit off and just dominate?
To come out after halftime even more berzerk than he was in the first half is inexplicable. Should Coughlin have yanked him? Maybe. Should someone like Cullen Jenkins who is senior enough to bully another DE out of his headphones put Beckham up against the wall by his collar? Maybe. But there’s plenty of other young superstars who manage to stay focused on putting their team before them. Now, with the Giants having to win out (and get some help), there’s a chance they’re playing a game without one of the league’s elite offensive weapons. Why? Because you dropped a ball? Because Norman was too rough or talked too much? I love you ODB but grow the fuck up.