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These Anti-Drug Commercials That Include Stoner Sloths Are Weird As Fuck



Hey Australia, you’re scaring us. It took me awhile to figure out this was a real anti-drug commercial and not a parody of past anti-drug commercials. How are messages like this still being put out onto the airwaves? The battle is over.  Weed is here to stay.  Forever and ever.  Might be time to embrace that instead of making Stoner Sloth ads that get mocked by the entire internet.  You know what my message to kids in high school and college would be?  Smoke as much weed as possible.  Do it.  Smoke it all. Smoke it until it burns your finger tips.  High school and college are the prime weed-smoking years. High school especially.  Nothing better than smoking weird during the time period in your life when you have absolutely no responsibilities. It’s so good.  You can smoke as much as you want and don’t to worry about things like rent or grocery shopping or work. That’s my message to the kids out there.  Don’t avoid weed, embrace it. Because smoking weed as an adult is obviously great too but nothing quite compares to those first few years of hitting the trees harder than Sonny Bono without a care in the world.


The funniest thing about the Stoner Sloth commercials?  It totally back fired and drove traffic to pro-marijuana sites who featured the ad on their website


The New South Wales government’s “stoner sloth” campaign, intended to warn teenagers of the dangers of sustained marijuana use, has instead driven web traffic to a “cannabis solutions” site. The campaign shows human-size, anthropomorphic sloths mistaking salad for salt at the dinner table, struggling to opine on pairing socks with sandals at a party, and other relatable examples of the pitfalls of being a teenager high on marijuana, with the tagline “you’re worse on weed”. The clips – and gifs of them, ready-tagged “#weed” for reblogging – have been published on Tumblr at is a “cannabis solutions” site, based in Colorado, that bills its mission as helping others “enjoy each and every smoking experience from seed to sleep!” Its operator, who gave his name as Daniel, said the NSW government’s campaign had driven “a good deal of traffic” to his website, as well as follows on social media. He said he had had about 1,000 page views from Australia every day since Saturday afternoon in Colorado.