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Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump A Jerk While Holding Back Tears

 I may have made up the tears part but I sort of didn’t



YESSSSS! Get em, Jeb! Donald Trump is a jerk, not only that, he’s a big meany too! More like Donald Jerkface, right Jeb?



I said this last week and I’ll say it again, I now feel bad for Jeb Bush. You can feel the anguish in his voice. You can hear the pain. That’s a man who is being bullied in front of America and there is nothing he can do. It’s brutal to watch, Donald Trump is a jerk, and not only that but he’s making Jeb Bush wish he wasn’t even a Bush. Guy is about to take his ball and go home to that big ranch in Texas and play video games by himself while silently weeping for the next decade. That’s ultimate bully stuff. Come on America, figure it out, stop the Jerk, if you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it so that Jeb can smile again.




Live look at Jeb Bush coming out and saying Donald Trump is a Jerk.