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Miss Puerto Rico... Not A Fan Of The Muslims

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Michael Moore is still alive and doing dumb shit, huh? Who knew? But, more importantly, did Destiny Velez say anything wrong here? There is NO comparison between Muslims and Christians. Christians NEVER kill in the name of god and there are absolutely no terrifying agendas in the bible. Nothing at all about gay people, women, or non-believers. In fact, instead of suspending Miss Puerto Rico indefinitely I think we owe her a debt of gratitude. Did anyone else know about this gas station planting that’s going on? Because I sure as hell didn’t. This is the first I’m hearing of it. The lamestream media is too PC to talk about it but luckily for us Destiny Velez just blew the lid off the whole thing.



PS – What the fuck is that sign all about? Who would post that? We are all Muslims except for the part where we’re not. If you post a pic of that shit you’re an incredible asshole.