Shane MacGowan Gets New Chiclets Just In Time For Christmas

(Guardian)—It has become one of the staples of Christmas entertainment… the Pogues performing Fairytale of New York, complete with the wrecked teeth of Shane MacGowan. But while the singer’s 1987 duet with Kirsty MacColl is as popular as ever, the disastrous dentistry is now nowhere to be seen. Decades after addiction to drugs and alcohol began destroying his teeth, MacGowan has had a full set of implants.

It’s a Christmas miracle! Shane Mac has shiny new Fassbender teeth! No more Sarlaac mouth!

One of the great running (literal) gags in music for decades now has been the disintegration of his maw. Decades of drink, drugs, and smoking have over the years turned pics of his mouth into like a dental version of Ryan Getzlaf’s hair.

But much, much scarier.

The early years gave us the Nosferatu look.

Then we got the Faces of Meth era.

Before settling into the Nursing Home look.

But now the crazy sonofabitch’s mug is the pride of any Irish mother. Cue it up…