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Did I Ever Tell You About The Time A Stoolie Took A Picture Of Me Sleeping On An Airplane?


So this week on KFC Radio the question was asked, what is the weirdest interaction you’ve had with a Stoolie. Now normally its a simple “Viva La Stool” or “Whatsup Big Cat”, totally normal, casual, sort of like that thing Jeep drivers do with each other when they honk. We both acknowledge Barstool and move on. Well except of course for the time I sat next to a Stoolie on an airplane. Can’t even remember where I was coming from, think it was a blackout show, but I was flying back to Chicago when I noticed the guy sitting on the aisle seat kept on looking at me. I knew he knew who I was, he knew I knew, yet he didn’t say one single word. Strange but whatever, literally forgot about it in about 2 seconds.


Flash forward a couple of days later and I get this comment on a blog.


First of all, I always piss on airplanes. It’s because I get worried I’m going to get too dehydrated so I chug a ton of water before every flight. Second, now I’m intrigued. If you guys didn’t already know, all of us who work at Barstool can see all of the commenters IP addresses and emails. So I had to email this guy. Just had to. So I did, and asked him why the hell he didn’t say hello. And that’s when he dropped this bomb on me.


I didn’t wanna bother you and talk barstool all the way to chicago. Also, i know this is fuckin creep mode right here but i had to snap a creep shot or else my friends wouldn’t believe i was sittin next to you. SNIPED




BOOM. So there it is. I had a stoolie take a picture of me while I was napping on a plane. Between this and the tattoo earlier this week I think it’s safe to say I’m about 2 months away from being murdered.


You know what I’m most upset about? That I sleep like a fat person. I mean when I’m awake I’m pretty chiseled. Strong but not too strong. But when I sleep? Fat City. It’s gross. I need to correct that. Can’t be a fat sleeper, especially if people are going to be taking pictures of me like this.


Double PS

My arms are so Diesel its scary. Surprised they let me on the plane with those guns.