The Patriots Murdered The Ravens and Colts


Deflategate has been one of the darkest chapters not only in the history of the NFL but America. The lying, the corruption, the fraud at the highest levels of the Government. Roger Goodell and his cronies dragging the Patriots and Tom Brady through the mud. But in hindsight maybe it was worth it? Because here is what has become clear. Deflategate made Tom Brady stronger. It made the Patriots stronger. It eliminated the Super Bowl hangover. Deflategate all but guaranteed our return ticket to San Francisco.

Meanwhile what happened to the teams that were whining about Deflategate? Crying that the Patriots played too mean and too rough? The 2 teams we eviscerated on the way to our 4th Superbowl title? The Colts and Ravens? Well they are dead. D-E-A-D. Wallowing in the basement still muttering to themselves about the big bad Patriots. Never have I seen 2 rival teams be destroyed like this before the season ever started. Never have I seen 2 rival teams unable to get over a loss from last season like this. The Patriots not only won the superbowl last year but they murdered their 2 biggest rivals that stood in their path for this year. Deflatage has fueled us. It has ruined them. In hindsight it may have been a blessing in disguise.