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Pats Sloppy In Win. Chung Hurt. Amendola Hurt. Brady Gives Us A Heart Attack. Pres Covers


“The moment all Pats fans lives flashed before our eyes. All I can say is thank god for Brady’s personal wellness guru Alex Guerrero. Without him no doubt Brady’s leg snaps in half.”


Pretty gross game. Pats jumped out quick and the outcome was never in doubt but they sort of played like crap. Another fumbled punt. Amendola got hurt. Chung got hurt. Gronk was kinda limping at the end. The defense seemed like they were kinda just throwing shoulders into people instead of tackling people. But I’m not sure you can judge anything when you play the Titans. They are so freaking pathetic they just lull you to sleep. It’s just a matter of time till they implode or do something stupid. Just like I said before the game the only way to make this one interesting was to lay the 14. From that perspective it was exciting as hell. Tons of twists and turns. A huge missed PAT from Tennessee. A fg doinked off the post by Gostowski that seemingly saved a push. And then a late INT run back to the 20 that won it for the Pats. Just an amazing 4th quarter from a gambling perspective. Prime example why gambling is so important to football. Without it that game was a snoozefest. With it I’m still shaking from excitement.


PS – I love Iosefa. Fuck Monte Bell. This guy runs like a maniac. The Hawaiian Hammer, Rainbow Warrior or the Samoan Sledgehammer? I can’t decide what I what I like more.