Why Is The Boston Globe So Obsessed With Tom Brady’s Personal Trainer?




So lots of people are talking about this big expose the Boston Globe published today on Tom Brady and his personal lifestyle guru/trainor Alex Guerrero. Wait a minute? Does this ring a bell? Is this Déjà vu? Nope. It’s the same exact article that Boston Magazine published back in October. It was almost like the Globe thought people forgot about that or never read it when this was reported the first time? Hey guys we saw it. We read it. Nobody cared the first time and we certainly don’t care the 2nd time around.

Honestly how hard is this to understand for John Henry? Tom Brady likes his trainer. He believes in him. Tom Brady wins superbowls. The Patriots want to keep Tom Brady happy. It’s not that complicated. I’m sure when Brady retires Alex Guerrero will no longer have a business relationship with the Patriots. I just don’t understand why is this the lead story for the Globe 2 months after the same exact story already came out? So Brady trusts a guy with a shady history. He thinks he’s helped his career. Big fucking whoop. NOBODY CARES. Again thank god for the Globe because without them Barstool never would have become the monster it is.


PS – I got into it with the Globe’s Ben Volin who co-wrote this garbage.  I asked him what I thought was a fair question.  Why so obessed with Alex Guerrero.  He came back at me pretty hard.  I stuffed him in a locker.