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There's No Better Duo In The NHL Than Jamie Benn And Tyler Seguin

After massacring the Montreal Canadiens last night 6-2, the Dallas Stars became the first team in the league this year to reach 50 points and are currently the top team in the NHL. And as dominant as the Stars have been all season, I don’t think there’s been a more dominating sequence than this one right here. This 15-second long sequence just goes to show what makes Bennguin the best duo in the league and what makes them almost impossible to play against. You’ve got Jamie Benn all but actually murdering Jeff Petry along the half boards and then Tyler Seguin cleaning up the chaos with a snipe for his 18th goal on the season. Let’s take a look at their offensive production so far through a little over a third of the way through the season.


And sure, the points tell a story of their own. The two have been putting up ridiculous numbers together for three seasons now. They were the best duo in the league last season, Jamie Benn ended up winning the Art Ross but the Stars still weren’t a playoff team. This season, however, things are starting to click and the Dallas Stars are very, very much for real. And it’s because of how impossible it’s become to game plan for these two guys.

Typically when you have duos like this, one guy is clearly the finisher and the other guy is clearly the playmaker. One guy is the shooter, one guy is the passer. With Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin? Well they’re both both. I mean, you’re probably never going to see Tyler Seguin light somebody up like Benn did to Petry there which led to a goal. But Benn will muck it up and beat you with his body. Seguin will be creative and beat you with his mind. The both of them can beat you with their passing. The both of them can beat you with their shooting. Plus, they’re butt buddies off the ice as well which only strengthens the chemistry there.

Quick sidenote: There’s only one team in the Central right now that wouldn’t be in at least 2nd place if they played in the Pacific. Winnipeg sits in last place in the Central with 32 points right now. San Jose is 2nd in the Pacific with 33. Excuse me while I go vomit.