Ellie Day Addresses Getting "Plowed Over By LeBron" And Being Taken To The Hospital

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So that’s actually pretty scary.  Her not remembering stuff that happened, landing on her head and neck then being wheeled off on a stretcher.  Glad she’s okay. Pretty standard stuff otherwise.  Thanking people for their Ts and Ps, striking down the lunatics for saying J Day should’ve stepped in and taken the hit for her. It’s also good their little boy Dash Day wasn’t there cause that kid is cute as shit.  The one thing I did find interesting was her addressing people who thought this whole thing might be a money grab? Those people actually exist?  If they do they must’ve not watched the year Jason just had.  I’m gonna go ahead and say the Day family is doing just fine financially.  I’m not even sure how they would plan a money grab like that.  That would take some serious planning and luck to even potentially happen. “Okay, we’re gonna sit court side at the Cavs game and maybe LeBron will run me over like a Mack truck while going after a ball, then I’ll make a big spectacle, have them wheel me out on a stretcher and we’ll be rich!  Hooray!” People are dumb.  Glad to hear Ellie is okay and she sounds like a normal person so that’s yet another W for the Day family. What a year for them.



PS- Charge your phone girl.