Smokeshow Teacher Arrested For Hooking Up With Two Of Her Students

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AUSTINTravis County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a former Westlake High School teacher on charges she had an inappropriate relationship with two students.The sheriff’s office said Haeli Wey, 28, has been charged with two felony counts of improper relationship between educator and student. According to an arrest affidavit, Wey had inappropriate contact with two 17-year-old Westlake students in 2015. The first student said he met Wey through a student ministry program in June 2015, and Wey later accompanied the student and his family to Africa during the summer. That student told deputies he had sex with Wey “approximately 10 times” between August and September. The first student stopped having sex with Wey when “he found out she had been on a hike with another student.” The second student had gone on a hike with Wey in September and kissed in a hammock, according to the affidavit.





What Haeli Wey did was wrong blahhhhh blah blah. But what the hell did she expect here? If you’re gonna bang students you need to go for the popular, bad boy. That’s obvious. If you just bop around taking virginity from dorks in student ministry programs then it’s only a matter of time until the guilt crushes them and they squeal. Seriously, did Haeli choose the two biggest nerds in school? One high school student broke up with her because he found out she went on a fucking date with another student. When you’re dating out of your league you ignore cheating, idiot. Grow up. And the other kid? My god, the other kid. He’s snitching over butterfly kisses in a hammock. It’s impossible to be a bigger loser than that. What, the hot older lady made you feel her cans and gave you a bit of a kiss? Stop crying like a little girl. Choose the quarterback and maybe you get caught because he brags to everyone, but he’s certainly not running to the administration over some kisses. Gotta molest better than that.