Americans Are Embarrassed Because 19% Of Democrats And 30% Of Republicans Support The Bombing Of Agrabah (Agrabah Is The Country In Aladdin)

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Is this one of those things where I’m supposed to say, “SMH, silly Americans”? Because I’m not s’ing my h. Not even a little bit. I’d bomb the shit out of Agrabah. Did anyone even consider that these people weren’t tricked and actually knew exactly what Agrabah was, they just have common sense? If we need to eradicate the world of any country, it would be Agrabah. They’re more of a threat than ISIS and global warming combined.


I mean, Jafar? We’re gonna let a country harboring Jafar keep their place on the map?




Helllllll NO. He uses sorcery to strip old men naked, imprison the lower class, and control women? No, no, no. He has a pet genie, which is more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction in history. He even has a talking pet bird with a horribly annoying voice who’s also kind of a racist, which is probably the most horrific aspect of his reign.



I stand with these brave Americans willing to bomb the cartoon land of Agrabah. Sometimes politics, negotiation, and compromise aren’t enough to get the job done. Sometimes world order must be delivered with an iron fist, and Agrabah demands such action. Some innocents may die, but it’s for the good of humanity. That’s an ethics bomb a la would you steal bread to feed your family. Boom.