There Are Few Things I Love More Than Watching UPS Drivers Angrily Toss Packages Around Near Christmas Time




It’s the mossssssssst wonderful time of the year!  So good. There’s just certain videos during certain times of year that I love. During Halloween time there’s the Kimmel-inspired videos where parents tell their kids they ate all of their candy and the kids cry their faces off.  That’s great.  During spring break time there’s always countless videos of college girls going topless in places like Panama City, FL and Mexico. That’s obviously great for so many reasons.  Also during spring break time there’s countless videos of beach brawls between boozed up college males wearing NBA throwback jerseys. You’re guaranteed to see at least one bro in a Tracy McGrady Raptors jersey get punched in the face. All great.  And now we’re smack Dab in the middle of Christmas time which means there’s countless videos of frustrated UPS drivers just trying to make it through the holiday season by carelessly chucking packages every which way. These are my favorite. Dudes just beside themselves about all the stupid fucking packages of presents getting shipped across the nation. Everybody has their breaking point. That UPS driver reached his so he just started piling up boxes and throwing them around. I could watch that shit all day.



PS- Do you think they blurred out the faces of the people in the video enough?  I’m not sure.