Does This Look Like The Face Of A P.C. Principal That Allegedly Banned Santa Claus And The Pledge Of Allegiance At Her School?


NBC News-  More than 2,500 people have signed an online petition calling for the removal of a New York City public school principal accused of banning the Pledge of Allegiance and Santa Claus, as well as prohibiting discussions about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

After the New York Post reported the allegations Sunday against PS 169 principal Eujin Jaela Kim, whose Brooklyn elementary school is 52 percent Asian, authorities told NBC 4 New York Monday that the alleged ban actually arose from the school’s misinterpretation of city Department of Education guidelines, which say that holiday displays should not promote one particular religion or belief system.

“We work to foster inclusive communities in our schools that welcome students and families and celebrate the diverse values and traditions of all New Yorkers,” Devora Kaye, a city Department of Education spokesperson, told NBC News in a statement. “This principal continues to work closely with her school community to ensure PS 169 is an inclusive school, [meets] students’ and families’ needs, and [celebrates] the values that make her community and New York City great.”

The allegations against Kim have prompted New York State Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz, a Democrat whose district includes PS 169, to write to New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña asking for clarification on the department’s policy about holiday displays to avoid further confusion.  The letter was posted on Ortiz’s Facebook page Monday.

“While we carefully maintain a distance from religious observances in public institutions, we are able to celebrate holidays with visits by Santa Claus, menorah displays, singing carols and other similar festivities,” Ortiz wrote. “Our courts have long recognized these social icons as part of our culture.”


Here we have it folks.  After years of pussification and P.C. dickheadery in this country, we have gotten to a point where a teacher not only banned Santa Claus from her classrooms, but the Pledge of Allegiance as well.  Why not just ban freedom while you are at it, lady?  I do not love online petitions or calling for someone’s job (unless it is in reference to the Wilpons or James Dolan), but Jesus Christ lady, you have got to go.  You are supposed to be a TEACHER.   New York City schools are fucked enough as it is.  They don’t need people that can’t realize that banning the Pledge of Allegiance or Santa Claus is flat-out insane.  Get the fuck out of my city’s school system, lady.  Get the fuck out of my state, lady.  And get the FUCK out of my country, lady.  You are too dumb to be in the ol’ U.S. of A.


P.S. Speaking of the Pledge of Allegiance, Ted Cruz’s hand under jacket move is enough of a reason to force him from the GOP race.  Just a psychotic move.  George Washington didn’t fight off British troops like Neo fought off agents in the Matrix to have a guy like that be President of the greatest country on Earth.  Trump put Cruz on a poster with that hand placement and finger separation game.


h/t KMarko