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Getting Over The Bulls Worst Playoff Defeat In History


So about last night. Like I said after the game, there are no excuses, no blame this or blame that, the Bulls got trounced about as good as a team can get it. Historically bad defeat. But guess what, a 1 point loss and a 37 point loss count exactly the same. This series is far far from over. Thoughts.


-These fans

Still hate them with every fiber in my body

Same with these guys

And you know what, if that makes me salty then I don’t want to be sweet. I can admit the Bulls got manhandled and still despise everything about the Heat’s fanbase. That doesn’t make me a sore loser, those aren’t mutually exclusive.


I hope he doesn’t get a suspension for this but I’m afraid he might. I love the passion but Stern and his cronies usually don’t like when you tell a ref he’s a motherfucker directly in his face for the entire country to see.



I actually loved that Jo got tossed. But Big Cat didn’t you just say Taj was over the line? Yeah I did. But the difference is Noah is our team leader. He’s the defacto captain. When the refs ref like they did last night he SHOULD get tossed. He’s also a guy who can move on, as seen by his press conference directly after the game.


-The Refs in General

I’m not one to blame the refs, especially not in the NBA. Miami was the FAR superior team last night. But I will say this, if the refs call the rest of the series like they did last night, it’s going to be a quick one. Game 1 they let the two teams play. Good physical, playoff basketball. Game 2 they basically shut that whole thing down and called a Technical for anyone who looked at them the wrong way. The Bulls don’t have enough talent to play in a series like that, they just don’t. So I’m not going to sit here and cry and bitch and moan, because the refs will call it however they’re going to call it, it’s up to the player’s to adjust, but if they prohibit all physical play there is only so much adjusting the Bulls can do. These are just facts, the Bulls are not a team that stylistically can run and gun with Miami, fuck they can’t run and gun with anyone anywhere.



I guess when you win by 37 it’s time to break out the floral  motorcycle jacket.


-Friday Night

Friday Night is a MUST win. The United Center is going to be absolutely apeshit. None of this showing up midway through the second bullshit. The UC will be packed 20 minutes before tip off. D-Rose might be back and all in all this is a game the Bulls have to have. Just have to. I for one couldn’t be more pumped up about it. 1-1, as long as you don’t listen to any of the “expert analysts” today you’ll realize that this series is FAR from over.