Old Couple Watches Their Son Jump Out Of An Airplane Via Skype And Lose Their Minds



I need to say something and it’s this: If you didn’t burst out laughing when the old man yelled, “I thought he was in a bus!” then you are incapable of experiencing joy and happiness. Your heart is stone if that didn’t make you giggle like a small child.  That might be the funniest thing anyone has ever said given the context of the video. Old couple logs into Skype, sees their son and aren’t quite sure of what he’s doing, he jumps out of a plane and Dad yells, “I thought he was in a bus!”  Pure magic. Maybe a late candidate for video of the year. Or at least quote of the year. And then of course the rest of swearing was funny too.  Something about old people swearing that gets the people going. They may not be able to work technology or piss when they want to but they can still cuss like sailors. Just a beautiful video.