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ESPN's Hockey Writer Scott Burnside Thinks Tom Wilson Should Still Be Punished For His Legal Hit

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Wow. That guy gets paid to write about hockey for the worldwide leader. Now, most people know not to go to ESPN for their hockey coverage (hah, ESPN hockey coverage), but the fact remains many people do go to ESPN dot com and he is a columnist over there. And it is of his opinion that no matter if the hit was legal or not, the call should stand because “that’s just his lot in life”. Ho-ly shit, Tommy. The astounding lack of logic in that statement is so ridiculous it reads like an Onion article. “Man goes to jail not because he did something, but so the police officer wouldn’t be proven wrong”. Throw the rulebook out the window, let’s just call penalties on guys we don’t like. And the craziest thing of all, let me remind us all again, is Wilson has never once been suspended for a hit. He plays big, he plays tough, but he plays clean. He might step on the line sometimes, but that’s what hockey is. Or at least used to be. For a guy on a major outlet like ESPN to say someone should get penalized for a bad on-ice call because that’s their “lot in life”?

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