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The New Bud Light Can Is Sexy As Hell






I’m a Bud Light guy. Always have been, probably always will be. I know some internet tough guys will call me a pussy because I don’t drink boiling whiskey from a cauldron or IPA’s that are as heavy as and taste like a stale meal, but I like what I like. When I drink I do it with a purpose. I have what some may call a “drinking problem.” I don’t do it to get a nice buzz, I don’t have three beers at night just watching TV, when I drink I drink to get drunk. Bud Light suits me for that.


But, my one gripe has always been the can.


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.54.06 PM


That thing is corny as hell. It looks like a fucking Starter jacket. It’s the Seattle Seahawks or Carolina Panthers uniform of beer cans, which is to say it sucks and looks like a brand new, exhibition beer that an elementary school student designed. However, that new one is esteemed, clean, and classy. Simple block lettering, cultured Annheuser Busch crest, fancy designs that look like they belong carved into a knight’s tomb. It’s glorious. I’m gonna drink the hell out of those and no one’s gonna be able to call me a little frat boy, hipster’s will be asking me where I got that exotic new microbrew but it’s just a BL classic.