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Jason Kidd Said The Bucks Need To Learn How To Be Professional And Not Go To Strip Clubs On Night's Before Games *WINK, WINK*

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I mentioned this on the rundown yesterday but this has to be impossible for Jason Kidd right? I mean he’s 42, he’s not like some old geezer, and he clearly probably still parties right? Add in the fact that he’s been arrested a couple of times, once for drunk driving and I’m having a hard time listening to Jason Kidd tell me how to be appropriate on a road trip to LA when I live 8 months of the year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I still am not convinced J-Kidd was at the strip club with them. No discipline seems weird in this case, like hey guys I’m going to pretend to be mad just don’t tell anyone I was getting wild in the boom boom room while the TMZ cameras were rolling. If anything the “professional” lesson is just that. You’re in the NBA, don’t be a sucker making it rain in the regular club, get your ass into the champagne room where nothing can be videotaped. You want to talk about a veteran basketball team it starts right there.





My other point still stands, we need to figure out a way to track teams that go out late before games the next day. That’s better than any betting analytics or number crunching. Just show me the guy that was at the strip club getting his dick sucked at 5 am and that’s who I’m betting against.