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We Had Ourselves A Good Ol' Fashioned Fans vs Security Rumble At The Barclays Center

I caught wind of this almost immediately following the Isles loss to the Panthers Tuesday night. Videos, texts, tweets.. all telling me about Barclays ushers getting into an altercation with fans, started by a couple trying to get into a section just to get a pic of the jumbotron, with every one telling me how it’s a disgrace to the Barclays Center, and how the Barclays Center is unwelcoming to the Islanders/their fans and blah blah blah.

With CBS and mainstream media alike getting ahold of the story and successfully spinning this story to add to the already apparent Brooklyn stigma, it’s yet another speed bump in what has been a successful Islanders season thus far.

Now I’m not here to pick sides, and especially not here to pick sides against any girl supposedly getting punched, but I’ve snuck into plenty of sections I wasn’t supposed to be in during my day and have never been met with anything more than a “sir, you’re going to have to go back to your original seat.” Never a direct punch to the face or anything close to a fight breaking out. So something is telling me there’s more to this story than we’re hearing.

It’s easy to see footage of ushers and security guards mixing it up with fans and immediately put them in the wrong, but anyone with an actual working brain knows that when it comes to public brawls, 10 times out of 10 both parties are to blame [that rhymed].

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