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What Kind of Maniac Puts Kale In A Cake? Lebron James, That's Who.






What a remarkably quick fall from grace for Lebron. Just yesterday I was posting about how I like him (I do) and how I really respected that he went out of his way to make that kid’s day in the middle of the Celtics game. Today? I think he’s a piece of human garbage who’s ruining the days of at least two children in that picture. Kale in cake? You could light the American flag on fire and I’d only be slightly more offended. To be quite honest, I don’t even see how it’s possible. You bake kale leaves into a goddamn chocolate cake? No. Just no. If I had to guess Lebron is just jealous of the attention Brady gets for his preposterous avocado ice cream so LBJ had to try and one up him with a kale cake. The only words that ever belong in front of “cake” are birthday and ice cream, other than that leave it alone. It’s perfect.