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Would You Rather You Be A Black Guy With A White Personality Or A White Guy With A Black Personality? - KFC Radio 148

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KFCR #148: The Substitute from Brendan Clancy on Vimeo.


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So in a KFC Radio first, we had a guest host in the form of yours truly filling in for KFC while he tends to his beautiful wife and kid. Fortunately Big Cat and Feits were there to do the heavy lifting to turn in another solid episode. We discussed a bunch of things including paternity leave, lying about your last name, and Christopher Columbus jerking off dudes but my favorite question was the one in the headline: Would you rather be a black guy with a white personality or a white guy with a black personality?


Going in, I was 100% in on the black guy with a white personality thing. I totally get it’s better in our society being a white guy because there are so many inherent advantages (and so many inherent disadvantages). But man if you’re that white guy in a black body you’re golden. Seamlessly blending into any friend group and maybe even being the cool friend they all brag about having, storming your way up the corporate ladder because companies love a good nonthreatening black dude, and of course if we’re to believe stereotypes you also get that sweet added dick bonus. The convo begins at 20:30 if you want to check it out.


Thanks to everyone for bearing with me as a fill-in…I think there will be a new episode with KFC next week but keep your eyes peeled to his Twitter for more info. And follow me too please, do it for Movement watches.