Some Dude Walked Up To The Spanish Prime Minister And Punched Him In The Face, Spain Is Officially A Weak Country In My Eyes



(Source) A young man has punched Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at a campaign rally, breaking his glasses and bruising his face. The teenage assailant was detained by security and taken away in handcuffs. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was hit in the head Wednesday evening by an unidentified attacker. Spanish media reported that the attacker was 17.

The attack took place during a campaign event for Sunday’s general election in Rajoy’s home region of Galicia. The punch apparently knocked off Rajoy’s glasses, and left the prime minister with a noticeable red mark on the side of his face.

However, a spokesperson for Rajoy’s ruling People’s Party said the attack didn’t hurt the 60-year-old PM. Rajoy’s party is expected to win in the upcoming election, though Spain is in the midst of a severe economic slump. Spain has also experienced one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the European Union, with around half of people aged 25 and under unable to find work.




Way to go Spain, way to have that security detail on lock down. Could you ever imagine this happening in 2015 in America? No chance, this kid would have been tackled, beaten, shot, and killed by the Secret Service in 2 seconds of approaching the President. And I know this will sound a little silly but this type of stuff absolutely matters. If I can sit here and think that I could reasonably walk up to the Prime Minister of Spain and sucker punch him then I just can’t respect you as a country. You can do a million good things in this world, you can be a superpower on the global stage, but if I can play the knockout game with your head guy, you suck, plain and simple. So Spain, you’re officially a joke in my mind. Too weak to hang. No mas.



As for the actual punch, what an awful performance. Clean shot to the face and the PM didn’t even stumble. I’d say torture this kid but knowing you are too weak to knock out a 60 year old man when given an unblocked punch to his jaw is punishment enough. What a sissy.






Could you imagine if someone did this to Dave? I’m not saying you should, definitely don’t, totally don’t, just saying someone could and that would be awful for Barstool. We would look like such pansies, but seriously don’t, I know someone could very easily but don’t ok. Please don’t, DONT. DO NOT.