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Richaun Holmes (Who?) Went Super Dunkalicious On Al Horford As The Sixers Only Lose By 21


ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?!? Sixers basketball, baby: Providing solid entertainment AND keeping games within triple digits. Talk about a ballclub. These gaggle of 2nd round picks and no names will go out an fight for the right to not be banished to the D-League or Europe every single night. Kind of like watching a spider struggling to climb out of the toilet. You know it’s gonna fail, and in the end you want it to die, but you can’t help rooting for the little guy. And if Bowling Green’s finest Richaun Holmes can provide a Phi Slamma Jamma like this during every double digit L then I guess that’s what we call effort. Now let’s go out and get win #2 before the All-Star Break and continue to #SinkForSimmonds.