The Facebook World Is Pissed About This Family's Christmas Card Where All The Girls Have Tape Over Their Mouths

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Carbonated- This is a bit unnerving … A Christmas family photo taken by Louisiana photographer Hannah Hawkes has made quite a splash on the inter webs — not for its artistic value or impeccable editing — but because it’s straight up offensive! The photo captures a family of five with tape across the mother and two daughters’ mouths and their hands bound with a string of Christmas lights while the young son gives the “thumbs up” symbol and the father holds up a chalk board that reads, “Peace on earth.” Some may find the photo to be a harmless joke, in fact, many said just that when Hawkes posted it to her Facebook fan page, but others were not so amused.




I’ll tell you what, Facebook and the people who still inhabit that form of social media are legit crazy people.  It’s like it’s own world.  Twitter is the same but also different.  People on Facebook are really angry and wanna tell you they’re angry and will argue you with another person (usually a total stranger) for hours and hours if that’s what it takes.  Twitter is different.  On Twitter a person will call you a cocksucker and to go fuck yourself but that’ll be the end of it. But Facebook is where bored housewives and all of our aunts and uncles go to lash out against anything that might remotely be considered offensive.  So you just knew that a Christmas card picturing the women in the family tied up with lights with tape over their mouths was going to cause a shitstorm. Facebook responded in kind



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Hey these people do know that it’s staged, right? That everybody in the family agreed to do this? That they’re all in on the joke? It’s funny because historically women are known as the sex that talks a lot.  Get it?  Yeah you get it.  It’s not like the Dad pulled them from their beds, bound them with Christmas lights, taped their mouths shut and made them pose for a family Christmas card. If that was the case then yeah it’d be weird as fuck. The main issue here is Christmas cards are made for close family and friends who understand each other’s humor.  But once it gets out there into the Facebook World for the masses there’s no telling who’s gonna see it and what they’re gonna say. I miss the old days of Facebook when all it was for was to creep on hot older girls who went to your high school when you were a freshman. Then you’d jerk off to them and it’d be kinda weird to see them at school the next day. That was the best.



Ohhhhhhhh kill em Trista



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Alright with all of that said, everybody keep a close eye on this kid.  He’s got psychopath written all over him



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