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Godzingis Threw A Latvian Block Party At The Garden Last Night

That was a fun Knicks game last night, and not just because they won. The Garden was legitimately buzzing during the first half, when Young Kristaps put up six blocks in the first half. When everything is clicking for the Knicks, there is no better arena in the NBA to watch a game. James Dolan may have taken our joy, but he will never take our souls!

Also, the Hammer of Godzingis dropped. Not really on anybody, but still, you usually don’t see 7’3″ big men move so fluidly while sending it down with AUTHORITY.

And even though they lost, I came away really impressed with the Timberwolves. They have to be one of the five most exciting teams to watch in the NBA, right? Obviously they aren’t stacking up tons of wins or anything. But Andrew Wiggins is a potential superduperstar, Ricky Rubio almost had a quadruple-double last night, Zach LaVine can obviously soar like he did during the dunk contest last season, and Karl-Anthony Towns looks like the truth. I am very happy they are in the Western Conference. And I am also VERY happy that GM LeBron traded Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. Wiggins is going to be a problem for Western Conference teams for years.  Kinda like what Godzingis will be for Eastern Conference teams.