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This Guy Who Is Already In Jail Just Got More Jail Time When His Two Wives Came To Visit Him At The Same Time

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WTOP - A Henrico man will be spending more time behind bars after his second and third wives showed up to visit him in jail at the same time. The Richmond Times-Dispatch (http://bit.ly/1JbwD2d ) reports the presence of Frank E. Blake Jr.’s visitors led investigators to discover that Blake hadn’t divorced his second wife before he married his third wife. Authorities also say Blake married his second wife before his divorce from his first wife was finalized. It’s unclear why Blake was initially in jail. Blake pleaded no contest Tuesday to a charge of bigamy, stemming from the overlap between the end of his first marriage and the start of his second. He was sentenced to one and a half years of incarceration, with another three and a half years suspended. Blake says he didn’t realize he was committing a felony.


Way to kick a man while he’s down. I cannot believe he was already in jail to begin with, must have been a weird string of bad luck that landed him in there. And then while he’s already locked up he gets additional years tacked on because both of his wives were dumb enough to visit him at the same time?? Get the fuck out. He shouldn’t be punished because his bitches couldn’t get their ducks in a row. All of a sudden it’s his fault they don’t know how to use a calendar? That’s some bullshit. And furthermore, if you really expect him to know how court proceedings with regards to divorce and marriage laws work, you’re just as dumb as he is. What does anyone care that his two marriages overlapped? How does that hurt anyone? It’s some dope with a face tattoo, let him have all the wives he wants. He should have 50 wives, and he should make sure each and every one of them stays faithful to him. The more wives he has, the less retard children we have running around milking the system, getting their own face tattoos and having babies/going to jail at 15.