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Here Is My Last Christmas Gift To The Stoolies: Hulu For 34 Bucks For the Entire Year

I’m actually not happy about this blog because I’m not getting paid enough to write this. Our sales guy sold it before I even knew what happened or could object. Why am I mad about this blog? Because we have real readers and other blogs don’t and I know our readers are going to bonkers over this deal. We’re gonna get a billion sign ups while other sites get no signups and get paid like they do.

Anyway onto the freaking deal. So there is a daily deals app called The Benjamin App that is exclusively offering Hulu for 34 dollars for the entire year to Barstool users. I think it’s normally 100 bucks? That means you get EVERY episode of Seinfeld and tons of movies and shows online for 3 bucks a month. It’s the biggest no brainer in the history of earth. Now I got to sit here and watch HULU laugh all the way to the bank while I’m eating Roman Noodles for Xmas.

Deal runs until Christmas day.
All Benjamin digital-delivery goods will be sent to your email address within 48 hours.