We're Bringing Sexy Back!

We’re bringing Sexy Back! One year, $7.25 million. I know what you’re thinking…”KFC, surely Bartolo is worth more than just 7 million bucks, right?” Well yes, of course he is. But Tolo wanted to stay put:

The feeling is mutual, Tolo. The feeling is mutual. The Mets most valuable hitter is still currently unsigned and yet this move makes the offseason a success in my eyes. From a fan enjoyment point of view but also from a baseball point of view. Obviously the return of Zack Wheeler means the Mets 1 through 5 is now stacked with all young aces. But at some point, every pitching rotation has to deal with injuries. You always need a 6th to step up and make spot starts or hold down the fort when injuries strike. Plus we saw Bartolo pitch effectively out of the pen. He’s just a sexy ass professional who can get outs no matter what the situation is. He wont complain about circumstances. He wont waver depending on his role.

Oh and did I mention he can RAKE and hes as nimble as a goddam cat?

Dude just wants to be in New York and win his ring with the Mets. What a beautiful, sexual match made in heaven. Welcome back, Big Guy.

Everyone get your Big Sexy 2.0 shirts for the 2016 season!