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Need Stoolies Help: New Hampshire Family Lost Their Home And Dog In A Fire One Year After Losing Their Wife/Mother To Cancer

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Hey there, 
Sunday night in southern New Hampshire my good friends family (the Wards) was hit by a tragedy. Their family home burnt to the ground within 30 minutes. Even with 6 different town fire departments there they couldn’t save it. Unfortunately their dog Harvey did not make it out. As if this isn’t bad enough, a year and a half ago they lost their mom to a long and hard fought battle against cancer. She left behind a husband, daughter and two sons. They are such good people, not that anyone deserves to go through this but especially not them. Edelman tweeted the link to their gofundme account and I was hoping maybe you could spread the word too. 


(GoFundMe)Hello my is Renee Macdonald,  I am a Hampstead resident.  We have had a tragic loss last night. One of our resident has had their house burn down. Jon has coached my boy in baseball and my daughter goes to school with Jackson. Just over one year ago this family has dealt with the loss of a wife /mother/freind to all who knew her. Please give to help them in this time of need. I can’t imagine the pain it is to lose everything . We can not replace what they had,  we can help them rebuild. All the funds will go directly to Jon Ward. So he can start to rebuild for his family.
Thank you,
The Macdonalds



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Typically, we try and space our GoFundMe requests out. It’s difficult to choose what to post and what not to, but we understand that it’s tough to always have extra money. However, this story is incredibly sad. I know we just asked for donations for the service dog as well as Plunge for Pete, but I couldn’t not post this. I can’t imagine how difficult a time the Wards are going through. Lose your wife/mom, your dog, your home, and all your things… all of this around the holidays, no less. Incredibly, incredible sad stuff. So if you’ve got a little extra cash hanging around please consider helping the Wards out. Lord knows we’d all need it.




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