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Ovi Steals The Show Once Again In The Caps Holiday Video

First off, it’s been 3 years now with this auto-play shit, Monumental. You can still keep ads before the video and have it not auto-play if someone wants to embed it on their site. It’s crazy to think we are a couple weeks away from 2016 and Monumental still makes you use auto-play on their videos. It’s basically begging people not to embed their video.

Second off, another Caps holiday video, another classic. Last year he was rocking the stache, having the time of his life, and this year went full bunny suit

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.18.27 PM

“Hey best hockey player on the planet engaged to a billionaire supermodel, put on this pink bunny suit for a video only a few thousand people will see”. “Ok sound good)))))”.

PS: As far as Christmas movies go, A Christmas Story has to be one of the more overrated ones. They killed it to death by overhyping it and putting it on every 4 seconds and 24 hours a day. Over exposure killed Christmas Story for me. And this might be unpopular, but if Elf isn’t careful it can go the same route. A key to success is to watch good movies once a year, don’t oversaturate yourself until you’re bored of them.