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Iowa Releases A Sick Nasty Rose Bowl Hype Video



Let’s gooooooooooooo.  I’m slowly starting to forget about the B1G Championship.  It still hurts a little bit but the past is the past and I can’t change that. I can’t change the fact that I was there and watched my team get slowly and methodically killed off by Michigan State while I looked on in horror.  I will say this, it’s easier to get over a crushing loss like that when there’s a Rose Bowl in Iowa’s future. That’s for damn sure.  That video helps too. I’m fucking ready for the game to start. Too bad we’re still two plus weeks away from kickoff. Whatever.  That just gives me more opportunities to watch that hype video over and over and over again. Very well done. They even mixed in some Hayden Fry and some old footage from past Rose Bowls. Very well done. Bring it, Stanford. You and your stupid tree mascot.