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We've Got A Fight During Mites On Ice! I Repeat, We've Got A Fight During Mites On Ice!

You see this right here? This is exactly why fighting belongs in hockey. This is exactly why all those Twitter eggs who say it has no place in the game anymore can take a screenshot of their tweets, print them out, roll them up into a little ball and proceed to shove them right up their own ass. Because little kids always emulate their heroes and role models. So when they grow up watching their favorite players drop the gloves and beat the shit out of each other, they’re gonna want to go out during Mites on Ice and do the exact same thing. And it’s beautiful. Because you can only watch so many Mites on Ice games before laughing at them falling down on the ice and stealing the puck off their own teammates’s stick gets old. If you want to Make Mites On Ice Great Again, then let the little rugrats have a line brawl. Just a little disappointed that the white team’s goalie didn’t come charging down the ice for a good ol’ fashion goalie fight.