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How Do The Milwaukee Bucks, Or Any Team, Get Blown Out By The Lakers? Spend The Night Before At The Strip Club



How does a team that just ended the Golden State streak (albeit on a back-to-back after a double OT game) lose to the woeful Los Angeles Lakers by 20? Spend the entire evening prior blowing a check at the booty club. Granted, I can’t blame them. When you live in Milwaukee and get to go to LA for a game your mind has to go into vacation mode. Yeah, it’s a #BusinessTrip but at the same time it totally isn’t. Road trips to LA for midwest teams are like conferences for businessmen, it’s technically work but you’re pretty much there to party. If you live in Wisconsin and are surrounded by Wisconsin nightlife and Wisconsin girls then I don’t care who you are, once you hit Hollywood you focus on parties and titties. That’s just being a redblooded American.



So more surprising than the strip club part is this: Miles Plumlee is a strip club guy?


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.58.46 AM



Now I’m admittedly not much of a basketball guy but a Plumlee is the last thing I’d ever expect to see in a strip club. I always thought they were experiments that Coach K cooked up in a lab and shit out, or something. The McPoyles of basketball who were asexual weirdos that just sat in the hotel room, upright in the chair, waiting for someone to knock and tell them it was time to play. Maybe they’d get nuts and drink a glass of whole milk or eat a bag of regular instead of baked Lays on occasion, but I certainly never had them pegged for the kind of guy who would hit the strip club the night before a game.