New York Jets Mailbag - Playoff Push Edition

The New York Jets have put together a well-timed three game winning streak, putting themselves in position to potentially sneak into the AFC Playoff field. You can get a closer look at their upcoming match-up with the Dallas Cowboys and how they destroyed the Tennessee Titans right here. For today, we answer your mailbag questions sent in via Twitter


They will continue to examine the available quarterback market despite Ryan Fitzpatrick’s strong season but it is likely to be slim pickings. Outside of that, it is the offensive line and finding an edge pass rusher. The Jets are old and average at tackle and likely don’t want to rely on Brian Winters to be a starter at guard going forward. On defense, Lorenzo Mauldin has put together a good rookie season but they need another shot of speed/athleticism to line up across from him. 

You are right that the Jets likely need to run the table to make the playoffs. My unscientific formula says they have about a 75% chance of getting in at 11-5 and probably only about a 25% chance of getting in at 10-6. I do think they will take care of business in Dallas and in Buffalo to finish the year. As for week 16, New England is always the favorite. Yes, the Jets can beat them at MetLife but it is unfair to call it likely. 

I’m going to go with Denver, who I could see losing in Pittsburgh this week and then when they host Cincinnati the following week on Monday Night Football. If both teams are 11-5, the Jets would get in. However, if Denver does beat Pittsburgh this week or Oakland finds a way to beat Kansas City to close the season in week 17, the Jets will control their own destiny…neither of those are unrealistic. 

Really good question and much more debatable than many people think. Wilkerson is an awesome football player who is having a career year. He is looking at a slight cut below JJ Watt money and the two sides haven’t come close on a contract yet. It is most likely the Jets will franchise him this off-season but should they entertain trade offers? Yes. They are loaded with depth on the defensive line and need to rebuild their offensive line, linebacker group, tight ends and make long term decisions at running back. 

It may be a touch more pricey than that. I do think they will look for a 2 year deal though, with most of the guaranteed money in year 1. The overall value may be closer to 12-13 million. 

Probably but the good news is the Jets are playing another mediocre team this week and in week 17. And if they can pull off their performance of the season to beat New England in week 16, they will be in a playoff field filled with mediocre teams. 

See the question above. Buffalo isn’t a good team (yes, I’m aware they beat the Jets because Kellen Davis doesn’t know how to turn). It won’t be an easy game up in Buffalo but the real question is do the Jets have an upset over New England in them?

Scheme has helped and Winters seems to be playing a little smarter, in terms of avoiding major mental errors. The Jets coaching staff is getting career years out of tons of players this season, which is a credit to them. Winters, Fitzpatrick, Marshall, Pryor, Carpenter, Powell, Ivory, Enunwa and Marcus Williams are all on that list as well. 

Let’s just beat Dallas first but the obvious answer here is the Bills.