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Derek Jeter Allegedly Pulls Out Of Underwear Deal Because It's "Too Gay"


Page Six-Derek Jeter pulled out of a luxury underwear deal because he didn’t want his skivvies marketed to the “gay community,” according to a report.

The Yankee legend is in a legal slugfest with the underwear brand Frigo, and the company now claims he balked on the agreement because the bawdy briefs were “too gay,” according to TMZ.

“[Jeter] demanded that [Frigo] not market to the gay community and states that he did not want the Frigo brand to be ‘too gay,’?” TMZ said, quoting court papers filed Monday.

The Swedish line, owned by RevolutionWear, says the company lost $30 million when the former Yankee captain backed out of an arrangement to endorse Frigo and act as a company director.


A wise but delusional man once said “It’s 2015. Nobody cares. Gays, nerds, transsexuals, star wars guys. Everybody loves everybody nowadays.” and that’s true but Derek Jeter is too accomplished to be doing ad campaigns that gay guys are going to scrap it to. I’m surprised he’s doing underwear ads at all to be honest because that seems like something young guy would do, with a questionable photographer who maybe gets a little too handsy. Like Mark Wahlberg back in the 90’s for Calvin Klein. It’s a move that a guy does when he needs a paycheck, and Jeter doesn’t need the paycheck. Peter North isn’t going gay for pay and Jeter shouldn’t either.

If you haven’t been following this story, Jeter invested in this company and since then all they’ve done is slander him in the media. Last month they said he shot down 50 Cent as a spokesperson for being “Too Urban” even though he made the introduction, and now they’re mad about the fact he doesn’t want them to directly market to guys who will take a trip to crank town, looking at pictures of him. If it wasn’t for his smoking hot wife and the fact that all major sports news funnels through The Player Tribune, I would worry about his business decision making because those are the gayest underwear I’ve ever seen. You know what underwear doesn’t need adjustable straps? Hanes from Modell’s.