Titus Young Is Doing His Best To Never Play In The NFL Again, Arrested Twice In 18 Hours


(Source) Titus Young, the former Detroit Lions wide receiver, was arrested twice in 15 hours on Sunday by the Moreno Valley Police Department in southern California.

According to the police report, Young was stopped at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday after making an illegal left turn in front of a patrol car.

Young was stopped and arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center and later issued a citation and released from custody.

Hours later, at 2:22 p.m. that day, officers responded to a tow company yard where a man was seen jumping over the fence.

It was Young looking for his black Mustang.

He was arrested for burglary after the police determined he was trying to take his own vehicle. He was booked again at the same detention center.

Two arrests, hence two mug shots.

The 23-year-old Young, who was a disruption for the Lions last season, was released by the team on Feb. 4, the first day NFL teams could cut players.

He was a problem child for much of the 2012 season. He sucker-punched teammate Louis Delmas last spring and was sent home from the practice facility.

Young lined up in the wrong spots in the Lions game on Nov. 18. He was sent home after that debacle, then allowed back to practice and eventually sent home again.


You know who this sucks for? Not Titus Young, he’s a fucking moron and deserves everything he gets at this point. No, the person that woke up this morning and absolutely hated their life is the PR guy who came up with the 2013 Detroit Lions official team Calendar. He still has 7 months to go (as confirmed by the calendar), all 7 of them staring at this on his wall.

No one is looking forward to 2014 quite like that guy is.