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Two ASU Football Players Arrested and Kicked Off Team For Robbing Apartments After The Team Banquet, Said They Were Just Looking For A Vacuum

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TEMPE, AZTwo Arizona State University football players have been dismissed from the program after a weekend arrest.

Jayme Otomewo and Deonte Reynolds were arrested for 2nd degree burglary charges.

“They’ve been dismissed from the program, and that’s about all I can say,” ASU coach Todd Graham said Tuesday.

“Everybody in our program is clear and understands the expectations and our standards and our values, and they understand that upfront.”

TMZCampus police say they caught Jayme Otomewo and Deonte Reynolds in the hallway knocking on an apartment door on Sunday afternoon. A female student had called police to report 2 unknown black men in her entryway without permission.

When police questioned Otomewo and Reynolds they admitted entering a couple of rooms, but said they were merely looking for a vacuum.

Police suspect they used a butter knife to jimmy the doors because Otomewo had a bent one in his pocket. He told police it was there from the night before. He had no explanation for why it was still there the next day.

College kids just trying to clean – breaking down all sorts of stereotypes right here. Seriously most people would tip their caps to a couple of 19 year olds looking to tidy up their dorm, especially all the moms out there. Instead the Arizona State police arrest you for it and charge you with a bunch of crimes. Typical. Shouldn’t be surprised I guess, obviously these cops saw a couple guys breaking into multiple apartments throughout the complex by jimmying doors open with a butter knife and just automatically jumped to the conclusion that they WEREN’T looking for a Hoover to get the Doritos crumbs off their carpet. Racist.

I know ASU may not be known exactly for its rigorous academic standards, but still, damn.

Cops say the guys also had several credit cards — not in their names — a Beats Pill portable speaker, 2 iPods and 1 iPhone. They claimed the cards belonged to friends. As for the speaker, cops say they were blaring music from it as they went room-to-room, and Otomewo admitted pilfering it.

Stealing a Beats speaker from an apartment then putting it on full blast while you break into the next apartment – genius move if you’re a WWF superstar making a heel turn, pretty dumb if it’s unscripted real life where there are laws and police.