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I Can Get Down With This Chick Selling Heroin During Her Breaks At Pizza Hut

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NYD - An Indiana Pizza Hut employee was arrested in a buy-and-bust sting on Saturday for allegedly selling heroin from a Muncie store location, according to The Star Press. An undercover cop accompanied a pair of locals, 25-year-old Jennifer May Ailes and 31-year-old Troy Adam Littell, to the pizza parlor on a mission to score dope. The trio — also accompanied by Ailes’ 6-year-old son — waited in an alley for 26-year-old Pizza Hut worker Jade McKenzie Voiles to go on break. Voiles allegedly came out of the store and sold the group half a gram of heroin for $150. Afterward, Ailes and Littell were arrested in a traffic stop, and Delaware County sheriffs found a prescription painkiller and syringe when they searched the vehicle. Police returned to the Pizza Hut to arrest Voiles, who allegedly had the “buy money” and 0.2 grams of heroin on her.


Absolute horse shit that the cops took this hard working Pizza Hut employee to jail. She was just trying to earn an honest wage to feed her family/get high as shit on heroin. And what better place to operate your heroin business out of then the local Pizza Hut? The Hut is such a strange place when you think about it- while Dominos and Papa Johns and the like are primarily for delivery, Pizza Hut actually believes they are fancy, what with their fire pits and exotic red cups. If you actually go to a Pizza Hut to sit and eat you’re so weird. Because the pizza there isn’t fancy. In fact, it’s pretty bad. But somehow when the founders of Pizza Hut mapped out their business plan, they decided it was worth it to hire waiters and pay the extra money for tables and booths, it’s quite mind blowing now that I think of how highly they think of themselves. I respect it, but they need to realize all they are is a place for 16 year olds to steal beer and elf-eared still kinda hot though drug dealers to push their product.