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BREAKING: Eagles To Whip Out The Blacks On Sunday

We’ve got another blackout, bitches! #BackInBlack has been working for this team. You know what happened the last two times they’ve whipped out the black uniforms? Oh, just an evisceration of the New York Football Giants to the tune of a 27-7 victory this year and a 27-0 last season. This squad loves the darkness and will be giving Arizona all they can handle under the lights of primetime. And what’s that? The line is only +3.5? That’s Vegas saying the Birds may come out on top of this dance. Not to mention they already beat Bruce Arians’ boys 2 years ago at the Linc and should’ve won last year in Arizona. I guess that’s what happens when Huff decided to drop his balls in the RZ and Josh Brown somehow, someway gets behind everyone for a go-ahead, million yard TD late in the 4th quarter. Expect this game to be very, very close either way.


PS – Shit, I forgot these were worn vs. Seattle last year, too. Eh, can’t win ‘em all. Or any.