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Melo Basically Said That He And Kristaps Porzingis Are BFFs And That "Nothing Can Come Between" Them


Yahoo-?Carmelo Anthony has a warning for those who think he won?t mesh with New York Knicks?rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis. ??I know what we have as teammates. Nobody can come between us despite what anybody says. ?Nobody,? Anthony told Yahoo Sports.

Anthony has been the face of the Knicks since being acquired from the Denver Nuggets in 2011. The only other big-name player to perhaps cut into the spotlight with the Knicks was former teammate Amar?e Stoudemire, who never lived up to his full potential in New York because of injuries. Porzingis? exciting early-season play however has made him increasingly popular with Knicks fans.

Well that is music to my and every Knicks fans’ ears. ?Melo has long been a seemingly moody star player who has had trouble meshing with other players in the past (Amar’e, Jeremy Lin, etc.). ?But throwing in that second “Nobody” tells me that Melo means that he loves Godzingis and would probably take a bullet for Young Kristaps.

It truly is such a wonderful story of two guys with different backgrounds becoming best friends. ?Melo from the tough streets of Baltimore. ?Kristaps from the likely tougher streets of Latvia. ?Both rocking cornrows, but still living worlds apart. ?And they have found themselves as best friends in the center of the free world, New York City. ?Balboa and Creed. ?Murtaugh and Riggs. ?Melo and Godzingis. ?God bless America.

And just because I didn’t get it in a blog last week, here is the Kristaps Porzingis Rookie Mixtape that the NBA made the other day: