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I Wish I Loved Star Wars



Listen I’m not a bully. I’m not a guy who makes fun of nerds. I’m not afraid of what I don’t know. In fact I’m super jealous that I don’t love Star Wars. That I’m not super excited to see this new Star Wars movie. I wish I was like Barstool Nate all dressed in my Ewok costume with my light saber waiting in line all excited like it’s Christmas morning.  I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a movie or anything I could get this excited for and I can’t do it.  It sucks.

Sidenote, Apparently Nate is trying to say he’s not a Star Wars guy. Bro who you kidding? Of course you’re a Star Wars guy! If you’re not a Star Wars guy then who is a Star Wars guy? It’s 2015. Nobody cares. Gays, nerds, transsexuals, star wars guys. Everybody loves everybody nowadays.