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I Can't Stop Laughing At This Kid Who Dabbed On A Christian TV Show




Dab on em! Dab on em!  Dab for Jesus! Too damn funny.  Nothing funnier than white people making the Dab super duper white. I love it. We always do this. Black people make up a sweet new dance and we rush into steal it because we can’t think of awesome dance moves.  Some people think college football coaches and Steve Young and that kid on the Christian TV show are ruining the Dab but I think they’re actually making it better and more widely known.  Like, okay, I get it.  It’s cool when Cam Newton does it because that dude can actually dance and it looks awesome when he Dabs. But I say why can’t we enjoy all types of Dabbing?  Embrace the Dab, good, bad, horrible or extremely white. Let everybody live. And if we’re being honest, that was an A+ Dab from the Christian kid. Flawless execution.


PS- Not sure why I kept capitalizing the word Dab like it’s a city or something. Just felt right.