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High Society McDonald's Workers Decide To Throw Down In The Streets

Tis a damn shame to watch these two all beef fatties throw away their promising careers like this. It’s even sadder to realize they should be on the same team together fighting the tyranny and oppression that comes with the job. Anyone who goes out of their way to mess with minimum wage employees is a first class dickbag. People in retail, fast food workers, and heroes who sell pasta at Farmers Markets struggle enough making it through the day without taking the last gun in the bullet to the head. Why make things worse by battling among yourselves? No reason to quarter-pound each other to the pavement. And Andre 3000 needs to stop puffing on the cig and break up the fight or else his livelihood could be in jeopardy. Shit would really go south for him once that franchise loses both their two employees and best customers in the same battle.